Sunday, 30 December 2012

Sunday, 21 October 2012

yo-yo tablecloth

For these  multicoloured flowers  I used different coloured yo-yos of different cloth pieces .And I bought these amazing cute little buttons of different shapes to make it look pretty and these i stiched on the tablecloth . I also made the table cloth border using these buttoned yo-yos..

crochet grape vine tablecloth

I made this tablecloth using grapes made of crochet and for the leaves i embroidered  simple blanket and stem stitch and i did a crochet edging using the same purple thread

Saturday, 20 October 2012

pretty kitchen towels

I made these kitchen towels using different appliques of fruits and veggies .I added different coloured polka -dot  cloth for the borders to add to its beauty .Really love the cute little pineapple .

butterflies in spring time

This original pattern is from my grandma collection .
As I was going through my grandma crochet collection I found this pattern and did it and am sharing it with you.
You can even use multicoloured threads to enhance it's beauty.

crochet doily


 I just happened to get this pattern from one of my friend who really enjoys my crochet work. My daughter really liked the small flower in the middle so I decided to do this pattern and share it with you'll.